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Cubefield Rating Vote This Game
Rating: 4.4     Votes: 3495

Play our addicting flash game cubefield. It's a really great 3D experience in which you can train your skills and reflections by dodging cubes as far as you can while cube appearance accelerates. Try to increase your score step by step and challenge your friends.

2016-04-01 - mari:
my score is 446215

2016-02-18 - MannySimes:
323150 passed x shaped green and black part #2easy

2016-02-18 - Deberber:
I love this game so much. It is addicting and so much fun!

2016-01-29 - Star_Wars:
fun but kinda hard

2015-12-09 - rhea :
this is fun :D

2015-10-06 - akshgnbx:
the game is cool but to slow

2015-09-06 - PrincessKK112:
this game is always slow to load like totally, but i like it so much so i m not gonna say nothing bad about it.

2015-04-13 - bombsquad:
this game is supes fun tbh

2015-04-02 - cj:

2015-03-04 - fatty:
i love dis game

2014-12-11 - thatoneguythere:

2014-11-27 - sushmitha:
it nice game play it and this is the best game in whole world

2014-11-23 - sushmitha:
Wow wonderful game i never ever played!!!...

2014-11-03 - lea adair:
I really like this game its the best well that what I think I pasted the pink and white and then it went back the yellow, red,and orange I wonder what that means. p.s. love cubefield games they are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

2014-08-10 - sushmitha:
wow!..awsome game ya my new high score is 574580

2014-08-08 - sushmitha:
nice game and if you play this game you will be consontrating on the game and i am saying that you will really love this game

2014-08-08 - sherlin :
try try till u suceed my high score is 556789

2014-07-05 - keerathana:
wow!.. supper game and fun game

2014-06-23 - :
seems legit

2014-06-20 - Chuck:
great game bro! play cubefield all day and night!

2014-05-07 - bob:
No i cannot believe it because that high score is terrible

2014-05-05 - Merci Schuster :
i made it to black and white with out cheats so happy!!!

2014-05-01 - faith thomas:
my best friend made it to the black and green level!!!!!! she is VERY patient. more patient than me. thats for sure

2014-04-29 - faith thomas:
omg!!!!!!!!! i just beat my high score!!!!!!! my new high score is 99,360!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it?!!!!!!!!!

2014-04-29 - faith thomas:
this game takes so much patience i had to rage quit more than 100 times!!!!! and i just started this game 3 days ago!!!!!!

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cubefield - eridani - billiard blitz 2 AND swordless ninja

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cubefield full screen

PLAY CUBEFIELD @ www.yoarcade.net

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