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Rating: 3.0     Votes: 84

Scakler is a new and completely unique numeric puzzler, fun and easy to pick up, but difficult to master!

2012-08-21 - Denseling:
I like this game a lot. It's surprisingly addicting and the feel, the visual presentation and the music actually make it quite an intense and hypnotic experience somehow. (Please sit still, sir/madam, while your brain is in the wash!) On the first sitting I was compelled to plow through some thirty first levels and never felt frustrated or fed up with numbers. And, not once did I feel any urge to mute the excellent background music! Some of the final levels are likely to keep you thinking, trying and erring for a while, exactly like they should. The replay value is tangible as many levels have multiple solutions and/or ways to get there. In many cases you'll be able to beat your previous performance -- including many of those in the walkthrough for that matter -- by trying to come up with a different approach. I warmly recommend anyone giving this game a try. With the tutorial levels you'll learn the ropes as you go and the progress in difficulty then on is well balanced for an average "non-geek" gamer like me and still gives that nice rewarding feel of challenge. The fact that you are not, not explicitly at least, competing against the clock is also something to be cherished. I mean, aren't we already doing that sort of stuff all the time? I would gladly have more of the same. That said, I wonder how extending the concept to the third dimension would work out... Thanks for this excellent game! P.S. By the way, I also have a question of possibly general interest: Is the game supposed to be able to retain my progress from session to the next, for example using a cookie or by recognizing the IP address? My browser is set to accept cookies so I'm not sure where to look next for solution. Refreshing the page after a not-so-rare flash crash wiped out all the unlocked levels along with all the score data. The technical problems as they are might well be the biggest challenge curbing some of the highest scores from materializing.

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