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Billiard Blitz 2 - Snooker Skool
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Billiard Blitz

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cubefield - eridani - billiard blitz 2 AND swordless ninja

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Billiard Blitz 2 - Snooker Skool

Billiard Blitz 2 - Snooker Skool Rating Vote This Game
Rating: 3.1     Votes: 713

Anyone for billiards? Snooker is an enjoyable game played by millions worldwide. Now you can play it too! More than just a game, ‘Billiard Blitz 2 – Snooker Skool’ guides you through how to play snooker with a range of progressively more challenging tasks and tutorials, introducing elementary concepts such as how to aim and learning the rules of the game, to more advanced techniques such as cue ball positioning using spin.

2017-01-18 - Majeed khan:
Very nice game

2017-01-18 - :
Very good game nice

2016-03-30 - roger:
good game its better tha the 8 ball pool i think maybe

2016-03-26 - mel:
very good

2016-03-07 - kayden:
awsome game

2016-02-04 - jkjk:
when i saw this game was real good i like it!

2016-01-31 - PerrySJ:
107 max in 2 min 11 secs my best

2015-08-28 - Person:
Highest break 105

2015-03-24 - chai:
gooooooood game

2014-12-09 - Cassidy:
good game

2014-07-24 - mujeeb butt:
Very NIce Game

2014-07-12 - WELBER:

2014-06-02 - Rojmis:

2014-02-22 - netu:
frumos joc

2014-01-10 - bgh:

2014-01-03 - toto:
very fun to play

2013-11-02 - jec:

2013-06-25 - cratchet:
Love this game. Should be multiplayer tho

2013-05-14 - emo:

2013-05-13 - sameer:
its very nice game for children

2013-05-11 - adz :
hello i love this game but somtimes its show only half of the pool thanks anyway

2013-04-23 - six:

2013-04-12 - Daddikins:
A very entertaining and addictivegame, but I still don't know why are points deducted from my score, even if I don't miss any shots!

2013-03-24 - Eddie O'Brien:
hit 107 break, 3 times... completed all challanges....... my ranking is ( GOD ).... but still only 92% complete .... WHAT GIVES ?????? ps,, u only get the ranking ov god when u hit a max!!!!!

2013-03-14 - KONRAD:
I still don't know why points are taken from my score when I don't miss a shot. I have perfect runs, but cnnot get even close to the 107 possible points. What gives?

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Billiard Blitz 2 – Snooker Skool

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