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DARKBASE Defence - Game Guide


“DarkBase defence” is an extra chapter of the successful DarkBase saga: a shoot’em-up series of flash games featuring top-down camera,
Sci-Fi “Alien” movie mood, hi-quality 3D graphic with exclusive dynamic lighting system and eye-candy dynamic particles.
This DEFENCE extra chapter offers you:
• 15 game levels of defence shooting action
• Twin cannon turret with double fire control
• 4 weapons + 5 strikes, with full-custom-upgrades
• Easy controls and in-game tutorial
• Many alien species with different features
• Metal, fire, missiles and tons of explosions
• Automatic savegame at the end of each level
• ‘Mastercastle’ rockband original soundtracks
Prepare yourself to fight the ultimate battle Vs aliens!


Resist for 15 days to the waves of aliens attacking the base. Each day the aliens’ attack is stronger and longer.
Kill all of them using at best all your weaponry. Do not forget to catch and collect supplies coming from the Starship, level after level.


MOUSE to aim
LEFT MOUSE to shoot
"A" to shoot with Left Cannon only
"D" to shoot with Right Cannon only
"Q" "Z" to switch Left Cannon weapon
“E” “C” to switch Right Cannon weapon
"1" to launch Proxy Landmines
"2" to launch X-AF Decoys
"3" to launch Missile Strike
"4" to launch Auto-Turrets
"5" to recall Air Support
Hold "SPACE" to manage upgrades during battles
"P" to pause
H" to open/close controls page
“ESC” to Main Menu

Save Game

“DarkBase defence” automatically saves the game at the end of each game level. In case you die (Game Over) or you close the game/browser,
just press ‘CONTINUE’ on the Main Menu to continue from the beginning of the level you were on.


During your battles, the Starship comes to bring useful supplies. A robotic vehicle id dropped on the battlefield near to your turret.
Be aware and fast to target and lock it: its red lights then become green and the vehicle starts to approach the base.
When it touches your base, the supplies are added to your weaponry. Each supply gives you ammo for all your weapons
and devices and, sometimes add a new weapon to your arsenal (see below).


You start the game with gatling guns only. The supply vehicle brings you ammo but also new weapons as follows:
Piercing cannon at game level 2 Flamethrower at game level 4 Rockets launcher at game level 6. Remember
you may always switch weapon also separately on each single cannon, so to optimize your fire power and attack strategy.

Strike Devices

You start the game without strike devices. The supply vehicle brings you ammo and weapons but also strike devices as follows:
Proximity landmines at game level 3 – keyboard 1 Aliens Decoy at game level 5 – keyboard 2 Missile Strike at game level 7 – keyboard 3
Automatic Turrets at game level 8 – keyboard 4 Starship AirStike at game level 9 – keyboard 5. Remember your dropped/placed devices
(like mines, decoy and turrets) remain on the battlefield, wave after wave, until they explode or are destroyed. All the strike devices have a max ammo of 10 units.


Each time you survive to an alien wave (game level), an upgrade page opens. You get some “points” to spend in order to upgrade all your weapons, strikes and
defense devices. Make your choice and spend your points as your strategy suggest. Important Note: you may also press “SPACEBAR” during the battle, in order to pause
the game and manage real-time your points so to focus for a while on certain weapons/devices (for example turn on and upgrade lights system in the night battles)
and then to move your points to a different strategic mix (for example use the lights system points for other purposes during the day battles).

Brief suggestions:

- Focus your upgrade in order to use few preferred weapons at max power
- Upgrade your Shields power and recharge soon
- Kill the big aliens before the others
- Protect and collect all possible supply vehicles
- Use your strike devices with 10 ammo/units before collecting a new supply vehicle
- Launch and place strategically your landmines, decoy and turrets so to slow down the aliens attack and defend your base at best.



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